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First Response Pressure Washing is a team of professionals that can restore your concrete to its beautiful, sparkling new condition. We have the knowledge and equipment to return your concrete to its brand new state because we’ve pressure-washed concrete for many years. Depending on the severity of the organic material accumulated on your concrete, we’ll use one of our many biodegradable cleaning solutions and diverse cleaning techniques to clean it. In addition, we have access to both hot water and cold water pressure washing units, so getting up stains such as oil, antifreeze, and more isn’t a problem for us. We even can remove concrete rust with one of our cleaning solutions!

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What Is Your Concrete Cleaning Process?

While most companies will just utilize a pressure washer on your concrete, at First Response Pressure Washing, we approach concrete cleaning with a multi-step cleaning process to ensure your concrete comes out as clean as possible. Some of the things we do to clean your concrete are:


Pre Treat

We spray down a biodegradable concrete cleaner that sanitizes and kills organic matter on the surface, such as algae.

Surface Clean

We utilize a large, circular surface cleaner that has multiple pressure washing nozzles on it to uniformly clean your concrete in a safe, effective manner.

Post Treat

Post Treat: After pressure washing, we lay down another layer of our concrete cleaning solution, which makes the concrete brighter and acts as a protection layer against future organic growth.

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Can Pressure Washing Damage My Concrete?

Pressure washing is a terrific, effective approach to clean your concrete. However, if done incorrectly, it might harm the surface of your concrete and cost you more in repairs than you intended to save. The fact is that not all concrete is the same, and not all pressure washing companies are aware of this. As a result, we consider the age of the concrete, its condition, and its structural integrity before determining how to clean it. This allows us to safely and effectively pressure wash your concrete without causing any damage. In addition, all of our pressure washing equipment has adjustable PSI, so we can turn down or turn up the pressure in accordance with the needs of the concrete.

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First Response Pressure Washing is proud to be the highest rated exterior cleaning company in Louisville, KY with over 200 five star reviews. Our pressure washing & soft washing reviews are overwhelmingly positive, with most clients giving us a perfect score of 5 out of 5. Here are a few of our reviews!


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