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Gutters are designed to do a lot of work, but when they’re clogged with leaves and debris the system becomes inefficient. By having gutter cleaning performed regularly you can reduce problems like water damage in basements or structural issues around doors and windows- not to mention save yourself from future gutter repair bills! While many homeowners only get their gutters cleaned once every few years, we highly recommend getting it done at least once every single year. This way, you can rest assured that your gutters are working properly.

First Response Pressure Washing can get your home or place of business set up on a yearly recurring schedule for gutter cleaning, so you never have to think about getting it done again. Not only do we clean your gutters, but we also can remove the gutter guards for you if you have them and we also flush every single downspout to ensure that there are no unseen clogs in the gutter system.

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How Does Gutter Cleaning Protect Your Property?

Gutters are often overlooked by property owners due to their location high on a home or business building. Gutters work hard to keep rainwater away from your foundation and other important parts of the structure like doorways and windows or even basements at times. Gutter cleaning is critical to the health of your property. Having clogged gutters can cause siding damage, basement leakage, foundation shifting, and more which can lead to an expensive bill. With gutter cleaning performed regularly, your gutter system can continue to work at full capacity. Here are a few reasons why you should get your gutters cleaned year round by a professional company like First Response Pressure Washing:

Foundation Issues

One of the most serious damages gutter clogs can cause is foundation issues. Rainwater that overflows gutter systems ends up, in some cases, back at your home's foundation where it causes cracks and extensive damage. If not addressed promptly gutter clogs can destroy your property from within by eroding brick and mortar walls as well as causing the foundation to shift.

Siding Damage

If water is not properly diverted by gutter systems and they become clogged, water will flow over the gutter instead of through it, causing leaks in your guttering system that lead straight to your home's exterior siding. This high moisture content can weaken the integrity of your guttering and siding, causing cracking and further damage. It can also promote mold growth within the walls of your houses.

Costly Gutter Repairs

By neglecting to clean your gutters, it can cause permanent damage to the gutter system as a whole. This can cost a homeowner on average $3,000 to fix.

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How Often and When Should You Get Your Gutters Cleaned?

We recommend getting your gutters cleaned at least once a year, sometimes twice depending on how much rain you get and how many surrounding trees/vegetation you have around your house. If you are located in Louisville, KY like we are, you know that we get more rainfall and snowfall than the average US city. Because of this, your gutters will get clogged with all the debris and leaves that accumulate throughout the year and might require you to get your gutters cleaned twice in a calendar year.

We would recommend scheduling a gutter cleaning session with us every fall and spring to make sure your gutter system is intact and operating as it should. However, if you’re having trouble with excessive fall/spring leaves and or debris removal (i.e. downspout clogs) then you should consider calling a professional in immediately to avoid larger problems down the road. The sooner you catch the issue, the lower your costs will be,

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