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The First Response Pressure Washing team is located right here in Louisville, KY, so we know our customer’s needs. Our company specializes in soft wash house washing, which is the only cleaning method recommended by all vinyl and stucco manufacturers. Traditional house cleaning methods, such as pressure washing, are often harsh and can damage your property over time with the use of high pressure. On the other hand, our soft wash house washing cleaners use a specialized biodegradable cleaning solution that will leave your property looking immaculate. We are proud to provide high-quality house washing in Louisville, KY and surrounding local areas.

Our soft wash house washing specialists work hard to meet your personal needs. We listen closely to you, understand your needs, and deliver a customized service that fits your schedule. No matter the size or scope of your house washing request, we will work hard to make certain you are completely satisfied with our services.

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The Benefits of House Washing

If you are looking for a solution to cleaning your dirty house, a soft wash house washing Louisville KY service like ours is an excellent choice. Our soft wash house washing service is the best solution because it provides maximum protection with minimal impact on the environment and on your budget. By using low pressure for washing, you can protect exterior surfaces from damage without harming yourself or anyone around you. This type of cleaning leaves no streaks, so if you are worried about washing your house in a manner that does not leave marks behind, this is definitely worth trying out. Some of the other benefits of house washing are as follows:

Hard on Dirt, Light on Pressure

Our house washing service utilizes only 70-100 psi to clean your house, as opposed to 4000+ psi that pressure washers put out. This results in no damage to your home.

Longer Lasting Clean

Our house washing service sanitizes and kills all organic matter (like algae) as opposed to stripping it like a pressure washer, which lasts up to 3x longer.

Save time and money

You do not have to worry about scrubbing hard stains, detergents or protection agents off your house walls if you use a soft washing solution with low pressure. This way we can wash more than one area of your home quickly and efficiently, saving you money.

Increase the value of your home

Getting the exterior of your house washed increases its value. According to the National Association of Realtors, getting the exterior of your house cleaned adds on average $12,000 to $15,000 to the final sale price.

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Why is House Washing better than Pressure Washing?

First, house washing is not as harmful to your house in the long run. The pressure from a pressure washer can cause the house to deteriorate over time and result in bigger problems down the road. It can also cause paint oxidation or streaks all over your house, which means you are on the line for a new paint job to remedy the situation. House Washing only uses enough water to get the job done and doesn’t have high pressure or risk damaging any of your house’s surfaces.

Second, house washing is less expensive due to how efficient it is. Someone using a pressure washer can take up to 5x longer vs house washing, charging you for more labor than what is needed. Having a professional company with high end equipment like First Response Pressure Washing will ensure you get the most bang for your buck while keeping the level of service high.

Third, house washing is environmentally friendly compared to pressure washing because it doesn’t use as much water and energy resources as pressure washers do. Our cleaning solution is biodegradable and our soft wash pumps are ran from an electric battery, not a huge diesel smoke stack. The lower volume of water needed to clean your house also reduces the massive dirt and soil runoff that pressure washing can cause.

Our Happy Customer Reviews

First Response Pressure Washing is proud to be the highest rated exterior cleaning company in Louisville, KY with over 200 five star reviews. Our pressure washing & soft washing reviews are overwhelmingly positive, with most clients giving us a perfect score of 5 out of 5. Here are a few of our reviews!


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